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コネクタ形状 : BNC  (LIN及びEQUIT)

周波数帯域       : DC~30MHz

インピーダンス: 50Ω・75Ω

最大連続使用電圧: DC58V


      販売価格:16,200円(税抜き) 定価:18,000円(税抜き)






CX-E-ECS  SPD for Co-Axial connectors
This SPD will protect equipment connected via co-axial cables, such as surveillance cameras and antennas, from lightning surges.

Although a ground is necessary, you can choose to connect to a grounding terminal, an external conductor, or to the case of the SPD.

Connector type: BNC (LIN or EQUIT)
Frequency Bandwidth: DC to 30MHz
Impedance: 50Ω/75Ω
Maximum continuance operating voltage Uc DC58V

Our Price: 16,200 Japanese Yen + consumption tax (5% until March 31, 2014 8% from April 1, 2014)
Manufacturer’s Recommended Price: 18,000 Japanese Yen + consumption tax

Additionally, SPDs with different types of connector characteristics, frequency characteristics, etc. are also available, or can be produced according to your needs. Let us know what your requirements are.

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